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Arturia OB-Xa V

Arturia OB-Xa V  ·  Source: Arturia

Arturia OB-Xa V

Arturia OB-Xa V  ·  Source: Arturia

The Oberheim OB-Xa has always managed to capture the imagination with its fat analogue sound and emotive presence and Arturia hopes to have captured its essence in their OB-Xa V virtual instrument.


It’s all about punchy basses, lush pads and big fat brass the OB-Xa is loved for all the right reasons. Arturia says it’s one of the most requested synths and I can’t believe it’s taken them so long to give us the tool for recreating Jump, 1999 and numerous other classics.

Yep, you’d know that sound anywhere.

Arturia has embellished it a little, brought in features of the OB-8 and left anything out that they feel might get in the way. They’ve added Stereo Spread, an Arpeggiator and more LFO and streamlined the interface to make it as dreamy to use as it is to experience the sound. They’ve added Function Generators and incorporated a good selection of effects so you can work on the sound all in the one instrument.

OB-Xa V is available now as a standalone instrument and as a VST/AU plugin for MacOS and Windows for €149 or as an addition to the V Collection 7 for €299. If you already have V7 then you can have the OB-Xa for €49.

Who can resist that?

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