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Resurface - The Audio Console Marketplace

Resurface - The Audio Console Marketplace  ·  Source:


Set up to breathe a new lease of life into audio consoles and control surfaces, ‘Resurface’ has been launched. This interesting venture was created by two ex-Avid salesmen, who have brought with them extensive knowledge and experience of the console market.


‘Resurface’: The Audio Console Marketplace

The world of pro audio is quite a specialist area, with equipment that isn’t exactly cheap. Sourcing the right tools for the job at the right price can be a struggle. This is especially true for consoles, which are some of the larger items of gear we use for even more specialist tasks, upgrading can be a challenge. Tm and Ben who are behind Resurface, have recognised this corner of the market and hope their new online portal will become the hub for all things second-hand console related.

Yes, Resurface is pretty niche. However, focusing on ‘high-ticket-priced items’, as they would say on The Apprentice, is obviously the basis to Resurface’s business model. I imagine it’s going to be quite difficult to turn this concept into a success, but Tim and Ben certainly come from the right background to pull it off. I’m really pleased to see this new site and believe we should all welcome and support what might become a valuable service.


Currently, if you’re looking for a new console or somewhere to advertise yours, there are a multitude of places to turn to. Where do you start? Ebay? Forums? Auctions? The rare second hand pro audio dealer, or the used section found on some distributor channels? There’s clearly a need for a more coherent service, which of course has its routes on the web. However, I believe its success will lie in tying all the services together. It’s not clear how Resurface will facilitate that just yet, but they’re clearly starting to build a directory with the sub headings: Training, Service & Installation, Operator, and Freight & Logistics.

At the moment there are a few consoles listed for sale, unsurprisingly most are from Avid. However, there’s scope to build on this professional footing and the site already address buyers, sellers and related services, such as console maintenance. There aren’t any known plans yet, but should the site build traction, presumably it won’t just be consoles in the future. Certainly a site to keep in mind if you’re looking at selling, buying, upgrading or servicing your desk.


Check out the new website here.

Resurface - The Audio Console Marketplace

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