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Samplitude Pro X3

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Well if you believed Samplitude needed some serious updating to bring it in-line with other DAW’s, then here it is! The new version, Pro X3, sees quite a lengthy list of new features. Interestingly the new features are across the board; whether you’re a composer, mastering engineer or remixer, then there’s something here for you. Did Samplitude just get serious, or are they still playing catch-up?


Magix Samplitude Pro X3 New Features

It seems there’s something for everyone in this update. New virtual instruments are included for producers and composers, as well as Zynaptiq’s Orange Vocoder which looks fun. Without hearing the quality of these new VI’s I can’t comment, except that the addition of ‘Cinematic Soundscapes’ should benefit the today’s trend of composers working in production music. If these are your thing, then be aware that the more expensive Pro X3 Suite contains more VI’s and audio content.

The Melodyne integration that comes with this new release is available in both versions of Samplitude Pro X3. However, it appears to me that this is a form of Melodyne Essentials, not the full studio version which would have been a bargain! However, as it is integrated, probably in a similar way to Studio One, I can see it providing users with a very powerful tool. This includes Celemony’s audio to MIDI feature, which is great tool for working on productions for those doing remixes.

On a more technical level, Magix even have mastering covered. I really like the concept that Samplitude can be used on a project from conception to completion. Let’s be honest, Logic Pro 9 users used to have an app called WaveBurner, which was really useful. Unfortunately, just as Apple have dropped the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, they dropped WaveBurner in Logic Pro X. DDP files can now be created with Samplitude Pro X3 via the addition of the Sound Forge Pro II application. Be aware however, that this is also only available in the Pro X3 Suite package. Thank god that this appears to be a professional solution and not some naff ‘anyone-can-do-mastering’ style plug-in.


Time to buy into Samplitude?

If you’re not already a Samplitude user, but some of these new features have grabbed you’re interest, then perhaps it’s time for change. I have to admit there are some attractive points with this release. The big question is if there’s enough to warrant learning a new application.

Not having used Samplitude before, or having tried this latest version yet, I can’t report how well it performs. I am aware of users that have complained the architecture can require a lot of CPU power and bugs seem to take Magix a while to fix. However, hopefully these are also addressed in this latest update as most DAW’s today are solid and reliable. Samplitude Pro X3 certainly comes with a professional specification, based on 64-bit internal processing and capable of working with 32-bit floating point files. Magix even advertise Samplitude’s support of 384kHz sample rates.

Often it can feel like there are fewer new features that come with every software update, but not this time. Perhaps there was a lot for Samplitude to catch up on as nearly all DAW’s are extremely advanced these days. The difference between DAW’s is becoming less and less, and purchasing decisions can almost come down to single features. I’m sure there are features inside Samplitude Pro X3 which will secure them some new users. Let’s hope they continue the updates and support and this isn’t a freak occurrence.

More Information

To read about all the new features found inside Pro X3, visit Magix’s webpage. There are two versions of Samplitude available. Samplitude Pro X3 is 299.99 GBP and Samplitude Pro X3 Suite is 449.99 GBP. This makes Samplitude twice the price of Logic Pro X, which I think demonstrates that Magix are marketing this as a more professional DAW. What do you think?

Samplitude Pro X3

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3 responses to “Samplitude Pro X3: A major DAW update?”

    The Heat Avinash says:

    most underrated DAW in the world …

    Troy MacPherson says:

    I agree most underrated DAW. I have faithfully been using Magix software since I believe 1998. I have tried many others like Cakewalk, Cubase, Abletron and protools and none of them IMHO stood up I know use Samplitude Prox2 and talked my friend into ditching his workstation and going with a PC based DAW which he is using Samplitude Music Studio 2014 and he absolutely loves it…

    par done says:

    I’ve been a user for more than a decade now. Great daw but..Most changes from pro and on seem irrelevant, stability issues arise and of course compared to most other newer or even older daws it has no compositional tools. Cubase, studio one, logic . ableton, logic have different ways to arrange material. Samplitude has none, so it is mostly an engineers daw..Oh and the included vst instruments are crap.

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