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Sampleson THINGS

Sampleson THINGS  ·  Source: Sampleson

This is a fun virtual instrument that gives you a great place to play while generating surprisingly cool sounds, modulating rhythms and weird noises.


It’s sort of like a mix of 6 sounds engines where each one has a fabulous looking macro infused interface for the simplest modulation of sound design. We have ARCADE which offers hollow synth sounds with controls over Softness, Time and Colour ranging from soft beeps to longer sustained notes. Next is CRYSTAL with a glassy sound that delays and bounces. CLOUDS is a really nice polysynth sound that can sustain nicely. AIR blows modulated noise over everything while HORROR is strangely piano like and has a tendency to screech. And lastly ALIEN has a nice 8-bit feel that gets increasingly menancing the more aliens you add and the angrier you make them.

The interface is delightful and dead easy to use. It’s designed to open up sounds to those people less experienced with synthesizers and it certainly does the job. Mixing these sound engines together they combine in some very interesting ways. There’s also an editable arpeggiator and some built-in saturation, reverb and stereo width effects.



For me, I feel it needs a master page where I could mix the 6 engines together without having to keep going back and forth from page to page. Also browsing the presets takes far too many clicks as you have to reopen the preset window every time you want to switch to a new patch. But otherwise it’s a load of fun and for a €19 intro price it’s a very welcome distraction from serious synthesizers.

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