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Roland TR-X and MC-X?

Roland TR-X and MC-X?  ·  Source: Facebook - Synthesizer Freaks

Roland TR-X and MC-X?

Roland TR-X and MC-X?  ·  Source: Facebook - Synthesizer Freaks

Roland TR-X?

Roland TR-X?  ·  Source: Facebook - Synthesizer Freaks

I love a good leak of new and interesting gear and my senses were piqued when I saw these things scrolling through my Facebook feed. Could Roland be releasing a TR-X Groove Rhythm and an MC-X Groove Box? I mean, just maybe, could they?!?

TR-X or MC-X

The TR-X appears to be with 16 tracks and 16 sounds. Individual controls are only offered on the Bass, Snare and Hi-Hat. To the right is the brilliantly named “Real-Time Action Pad” of 4 x 4 drum pads. At the top are a filter, amp/envelope, Pitch/Pan controls and knobs for 2 effects. There’s a screen where it seems that you can change filter types and other bits and pieces.

It’s taken a bit of style from the recently announced Jupiter-Xm but otherwise it looks a bit weird. There’s a typo in that “Effect” is spelt “EFECT”. And the fact that it’s called “Groove Rhythm” seems really odd.

Roland TR-X?

Roland TR-X?

So what about the MC-X? Well, that seems to be a scattering of ideas with a digital synth, filter and effects controls, 8 tracks and the 16 buttons of a drum machine running along the bottom. I mean if you think about it they’ve got this completely the wrong way around. The MC-X should be the one with the pads and the TR-X would be much better suited to those square buttons.

Roland TR-X and MC-X?

Roland TR-X and MC-X?

So how reliable is the source? Well, it was posted on the Synthesizer Freaks Facebook page with no other reference – make of that what you will. The Asian writing on the image isn’t recognised by Google Translate so the whole thing is feeling pretty fishy to me. Considering the release of the MC-101 and MC-707 these seem really out of place and out of time. Despite the notes of orange they don’t fit with the current Roland aesthetic. Unless they were perhaps ideas for markets in the Far East?

What do you think?

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  • Original Facebook post.

6 responses to “Roland TR-X and MC-X Leak! Are you kidding me?”

  1. yota says:

    グルボ復活 sound pretty authentic japanese. out of place and time nonetheless.

  2. Clark Nova says:

    That Facebook post seems to be gone now.

  3. Richard says:

    The MC-X styling is reminiscent of the JD series – might these posters be internal prototypes from 3 or 4 years ago that didn’t make it to market?

  4. Nemo says:

    These are Japanese fun-made CGIs. Not official.

  5. KEL says:

    グルボ isn’t recognised by Google Translate because if you say the words in Japanese, you’ll say something like ‘groovebox’
    復活 means revival.

    Altogether it means ‘groovebox revival’.

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