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Rob Scallon breaks Guinness World Record for guitar effect pedalboard

Rob Scallon breaks Guinness World Record for guitar effect pedalboard  ·  Source: Sweetwater


Rob Scallon and Sweetwater just broke the world record for the largest guitar effect pedalboard. The YouTube star is always attempting crazy firsts and this latest stunt sounds epic!


Rob Scallon breaks Guinness World Record

Rob Scallon has just achieved a Guinness World Record with 319-strong pedal chain. The previous record was set in 2008 with 142 pedals. The strict Guinness World Record rules meant no duplicates and the signal has to pass through all the pedals at once!

The Rules

  1. All pedals must be commercially available from recognized manufacturers.
  2. A full inventory list of all the pedals used, the pedal type, and settings must be supplied.
  3. Schematics of the circuitry of the pedalboard show how all pedals are connected.
  4. Pedals must be preconfigured before beginning the attempt.
  5. All pedals have to be connected simultaneously so any pedal can be used.
  6. All pedals must be functional.
  7. Ten people must witness a performance using all the pedal devices, but not necessarily all at the same time.
  8. The pedal effect must be audible in submitted video evidence.
  9. Witnesses must include a music professional who can attest that each pedal is connected in a single circuit.
  10. Video evidence of the entire counting process, carried out by a technician in the presence of two independent witnesses, must be provided.
  11. Photographic evidence of the record attempt should be supplied.
Rob Scallon breaks Guinness World Record

Rob Scallon breaks Guinness World Record with 319 pedals at once

319 Pedals, True-Bypass?

No switchers, no loops. Just pure 319 effects pedal tone is what they were aiming for.  The pedalboard was assembled at Fort Worth’s Clyde Theatre, which was arranged by Sweetwater in secret, to make sure they could break the record comfortably.

Guinness World Record 319 Effects Pedals

Guinness World Record 319 Effects Pedals

The Experts

They had an all-star cast of pedal gurus, including Robert Keeley owner of Keeley Electronics, Josh Scott of JHS Pedals, Ryan Dick from Temple Audio and Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals.

  • 319 guitar pedals
  • 34 pedalboards
  • 34 pedal manufacturers
  • 500+ feet of signal cabling
  • 4 highly respected pedal designers
  • Over a dozen Sweetwater Sales Engineers and staff members
  • Plus a stage big enough for a 70-foot-long pedalboard

Insanity and a lot of knobs!

You can watch the insanity of building a massive 319 effect pedal board, that uses over $90,000 of pedals, and had 1,248 knobs to ‘dial in’, it measured 70ft long and required 34 power supplies!

And you though the Sunn O))) Life pedal was heavy.

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  1. Richard says:

    Most guitarists I know bring more pedals than that to an open mic night in the local pub…!

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