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Resonance Circuits Ritual

Resonance Circuits Ritual  ·  Source: Resonance Circuits

Resonance Circuits build wonderful boxes of sound generation and manipulation. Each one bespoke and unique with a vintage style and aluring interface. Ritual will get you conjuring atmospheres, drones and soundscapes from some knobs, pegs and springs.


Sound is triggered by touching one of the 5 central pegs, set out in a pentagram. Various knobs appear to control synthesizer attributes such as cut-off and resonance, or effects parameters such as feedback over the delay. Further filtering and sound manipulation becomes possible by stroking the brass springs that stand temptingly twangy on the front panel.

I don’t think there’s an adequate way to describe exactly what’s going on, but during the 10 minute demo video (below) we were taken to the edge of the abyss and back again in a weird journey of drone, noise and delayed soundscapes.

All of Resonance Circuits creations come into being as unique instruments that are then auctioned off on eBay. I really liked the Covenent that ended up selling for £370 back in November. Ritual has 3 days left and at the time of writing is up to £310. If you are looking for something uniquely captivating then you really should check this out.

More information

  • Resonance Circuits Facebook page
  • Ritual eBay page.


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It’s a pentagram, a mathematical object. Nothing bad or mystical about it. If people only stoped with believing unnatural bs and metaphysics.


Hey.. what’s wrong with metaphysics? Meta is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction behind another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.


But, consider thtcontext. The device is titled “ritual”. I have sat through many math courses and not once did the teacher or textbooks cover math rituals. Obviously, the pentagram is being used in a tongue-in-cheek metaphysical way. Perhaps the infernal din it can create… whatever… It’s not math. 😛 Anyway, the device sounds fun.

Paul Jones

Amazing! Sounds like Kraftwerk’s first album.