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Gibson Rick Beato Signature Model?

Gibson Rick Beato Signature Model?  ·  Source: Instagram/Rick Beato/Gibson


It appears that Rick Beato will be getting his own signature model guitar sometime later this year. The YouTube star has been working with Gibson and is opting for a classic design for the model.


Gibson Rick Beato Signature Model?

If you don’t already know, Rick Beato is a bit of a YouTube star, with currently more than 2 million followers on his channel. During his New Year’s Eve live stream, he dropped the bombshell that he has a new Gibson signature model in the works that should be out sometime around the summer of this year.

Gibson Rick Beato Signature  Model?

Gibson Rick Beato Signature  Model?

Double Cut Special

The guitar will be based on a Double Cut Special with a few of his personal tweaks. It will also bear his name, which is a pretty big deal for a guitarist who is not associated with a band or any major recordings. However, he does reach a pretty massive audience, many of whom are guitarists, so it kind of makes sense that he would work with a company like Gibson on a signature model.

He can certainly play, and has a great knowledge of music theory, can dissect classic recordings and is good at breaking down music, styles and songs to make them easily digestible for his viewers. I enjoy watching Rick’s videos and he often has some helpful insights on various subjects.


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Forum Rage

Of course, some people have already made up their minds on whether or not he deserves his own signature model. Over on the TGP forum there is already a thread gaining lots of positive and negative comments about this impending guitar. You have to consider that in the past Gibson has given signature models to people like Kiefer Sutherland, who isn’t commonly known as a guitar player to many people.

I think in this day and age, with YouTube content creators reaching a far wider audience than ever before, I can certainly see the logic in a big guitar company wanting to collaborate with them. Successful YouTube channels have a huge global platform with lots of new content weekly, if not daily, and so it makes perfect sense.

Currently, there is nothing official on the Gibson main page, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. I quite like the idea of a Double Cut Special as a signature model and if the specs are good, it could be a sweet guitar.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Is Rick Beato a good fit for Gibson?

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by Jef

26 responses to “Rick Beato to get his own Gibson signature model”

  1. Jon says:

    Old people need to start accepting the fact that modern guitar heroes are these YouTube and Instagram celebrities. They have large followings and they have a strong influence on the culture of their respective instruments.
    That aside, I wish Gibson would stop with the celebrity-worship signature models, but I know that wish is stupid because signature guitars are cash cows for Gibson. I think its cool that instead of some old has-been rockstar, they are testing new waters with the YouTube influencer thing.

    • Kevin says:

      As an old person who has played a long time, watches Rick, Tim, Shane and many others I think this is cool. Rick deserves it.

  2. Sean Hock says:

    Yes Rick deserves a signature model Gibson guitar. The man has done alot in music, producer, player and educator at college level and on YouTube.

  3. Alexander E. Brown says:

    I’m an old person who started playing in 1975. My first Gibson was an ES 330 and I’ve owned Les Pauls and an SG. Rick deserves a Gibson signature guitar. I started watching Rick when he had around a half million followers. I had stopped playing in the early 2000s and watching his channel rekindled my interest in the instrument. I imagine he has done as much to inspire people to play as anyone else with a Gibson signature guitar.

  4. Jef says:

    I agree with you guys, Rick is a sweet player. I also love the sound of a DC Special, as they are great guitars when you find a good one!

  5. Ed B. says:

    Rick deserves his own signature model. Not only is he quite a guitar player, he’s an incredible musician who pays attention to fine details and doesn’t get distracted by cloudy thinking. Who better to come up with a signature guitar ?

  6. Jon says:

    My apologies for calling out “old people”. That wasn’t nice and the comment responses proved that my criticism was misplaced! Glad to see Beato getting respect.

  7. Joshua Price says:

    While I do follow Rick and agree that he is a great player and an overall music aficionado (or maybe even guru?). I am more interested in Dave Mustaine’s alleged Gibson signature model that may (or may not be) in the works. That’s not to say Rick’s model won’t be worth its weight… The guy knows his stuff.

  8. Kevin Mahoney says:

    LOVE RICK! Watch his channel more than any others! Yes! And I will buy it!

  9. EDWARD GDO says:

    I’m 56. Watch YT daily for music more then anything else. Rick Beato is awesome! His “what makes this song great” series is epic and he produces a ton of teaching content that is well covered and detailed. His videos after Chris Cornell, Neil Peart, EVH, were perfectly timed and helped me deal with such terrible loss.. Rick deserves everything he gets. Anyone who has a problem with that can piss off really..

    • Athan Sklavis says:

      Well said Edward, as a Rick Beaton watcher & admireror I couldn’t agree more.

    • Raven says:

      Really good take. He’s an awesome musician, and I love his videos when I do end up watching them (not a frequent viewer). He’s truly an awe-inspiring musician and his knowledge is really impressive. He deserves this

  10. David D Mills says:

    Rick is a master player, and that rarest of things – a master teacher… He can make the most difficult music accessible and learning it a joy.
    May he know the love and appreciation of his “followers”.

  11. Shooter McGavin says:

    Great call by Gibson. Beato is a ripper bloke who loves and lives music.

  12. Eric Barber says:

    Yes, Rick does deserve a signature guitar. He is very well respected amongst us guitar players and the guy knows what goes into a great guitar. I’m sure it will have some really well thought out features if he has much to say about the design.

  13. I’m another older gentleman who started playing a 1957 Gibson LG O in 1959 and one of my favorite Gibson’s is a DC 1965 Melody Maker D which is just about the guitar Rick will be endorsing! I’m happy Gibson is still going strong !

  14. pfrf says:

    I checked out that Kiefer Sutherland signature model, it’s beautiful- gold top 336 with split parallelogram position markers and a rosewood fingerboard.
    Congratulations to Rick Beato, I’m interested to see what he comes up with.

  15. Stephen Mc Gee says:

    Rick Beato should be able definitely have a signature model. And I will definitely be consider it buying one!

  16. Ed B. says:

    Excited to check out the Rick Beato signature. He’s a brillant musician, engineer and producer. Woth his attention to detail this will be a great guitar

  17. yguyfr says:

    Rick who ?

  18. WJ Reed says:

    Rick deserves the signature model. I’m glad to see it has a tun-o-matic.

  19. Kevin Ray Trawick says:

    I really enjoy Ricks youtube channnel. excellent educator/historian/ guitarist. I just hope the Rick Signature model will be sell for around 1500.00 and I’ll buy one!

  20. Maleko says:

    Love watching Rick Beato! Yes, I believe he is deserving of a signature guitar. I’ve been searching for that very guitar but haven’t been able to find one. Living on Maui doesn’t help either. I only hope that when Gibson finally does release this new version that it’s fairly priced. The whole reason I had been looking for the LP DC is because it was a no frills gigging ax. Often times a company might exploit the fact that it’s now a “Signature Model” and hike up the price. So, please, you guys at Gibson if you’re reading this, please be fair. Mahalo.

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