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Is Dave Mustaine joining Gibson?

Is Dave Mustaine joining Gibson?  ·  Source: YouTube/The Trogley Guitar Show


Dave Mustaine’s official collaboration with Dean guitars seems to be coming to a close, and it looks like the Megadeth frontman might be moving over to Gibson. If the rumour is true, it could be big news for 2021, and a good move for Gibson.


Dave Mustaine joins Gibson?

Last year saw Dave Mustaine sell off lots of gear, including several Dean prototype signature models that he had used over the years. Was he clearing out all these guitars so he could move on, perhaps? According to YouTuber The Trogley’s Guitar Show, it’s possible that Mustaine is about to make a jump to Gibson for his next signature model endorsement deal.

Is this a Gibson Dave Mustaine signature model?

Is this a Gibson Dave Mustaine signature model? Possibly a prototype? · Source: YouTube/The Trogley Guitar Show

Leaked Images and Instagram Teases

Allegedly, a new Gibson employee accidentally leaked an image of a guitar that could well be the new signature model. The prototype model has also been spotted in an Instagram post by Gibson CMO Cesar Gueikian, though it is kind of blurry and in the background.

Gibson's Cesar Gueikian has one lurking in the background

Gibson’s Cesar Gueikian has one lurking in the background · Source: YouTube/The Trogley Guitar Show


Mega Prototype

The Megadeth main man is known for favouring modern, extended and pointy V-style guitars and this 24 fret prototype would fit the bill of what he currently plays. It is still too early to know exactly what is going on, but if we hear any more information about this potential new endorsement deal, we will let you know.

Mustaine commenting on his departure from Dean?

Mustaine commenting on his departure from Dean · Source: YouTube/The Trogley Guitar Show

What do you think? We know from Dave’s own social media post that his deal with Dean is now finished. Is Mustaine about to jump ship to Gibson? It’s possible. Especially as Gibson has been adding several new artists to its roster under its current leadership of JC and Cesar.

The video below has all the details and is well worth a watch if you are interested in how this rumour came about. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Is Dave Mustaine joining Gibson?

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9 responses to “Is Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine about to get a Gibson signature model?”

    Frank says:

    I used to play when I was younger and I I watch you it’s fun

    Pamela Sandra Diez says:

    They are really beautiful guitars,Gibson’s.i love them.but deans are beautiful also.what ever the mood for the day is.1guitar is never enough for an artist.rock on

    Stephen Johnson says:

    That’s crazy. I would love one of his guitar.

    AHCHUUU says:

    I want one of those Carvin guitars he played in the 90s

    Terry Johnson says:

    Les Paul’s are heavier then hell. But I’m a Fender bassist so what do I know about weight

    Sammy Moreno says:

    Who knows what Dave is going to do with his guitar situation.. But whatever he decides to do,I’m sure he will do the right thing and I will respect his decision. After all, he is a badasssss musician.

    Metal Störm says:

    I was hoping that he’d either go back to Jackson or maybe BC Rich since they’ve improved over how they were before.

    johan says:

    its a jackson king v,the ceo has got plenty of none gibsons in the back,the blue headstock is an ibanez OMG steve vai ,paul gilbert and joe satrianiis going to gibson……its more likely DM is going back to gibson or even bc rich where he started.

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