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Rick Beato's Gibson LP Special signature model is in production

Rick Beato's Gibson LP Special signature model is in production  ·  Source: Instagram/Rick Beato

Gibson Rick Beato Signature Model?

Gibson Rick Beato Signature Model?  ·  Source: Instagram/Rick Beato/Gibson


I wrote about the new Gibson Rick Beato signature model LP Special, and how it was going to be one of the first YouTube star signature guitars from the brand, all the way back in January. Well, Rick has just posted a photo of his new Pelham Blue model on his Instagram page, and it looks stunning in that colour!


Gibson Rick Beato LP Special Signature

Rick Beato runs one of my favourite YouTube channels. His take on all things music, theory, recording and guitar really resonate with me personally. And he does great job of breaking down famous tracks. When I first heard he was to get his own Gibson signature model, I thought it was fantastic news, as he puts so much out into the music community. So I think he is more than worthy of his own signature guitar.

Rick’s got great taste!

I have always enjoyed watching Rick’s videos and, as a Brit, this deal was sealed when he recently interviewed Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, a band who experimented heavily with guitars, tunings and layers. And if you are of a certain age in the UK, you will know how much of an influence they were on the world of guitar. So to see this American YouTube channel raving on about them was a real eye-opener for a Brit. Essentially, I now know Rick has impeccable taste.

Gibson Rick Beato LP Special Signature 

Gibson Rick Beato LP Special Signature in Pelham Blue

Pelham Blue

This new double cut Pelham Blue Les Paul Special looks great and has a lovely colour combination. I think the black pickguard and plastics work really well with the blue. From looking at the photo, it appears to have a bound neck, which is sweet. And you can just spot Rick’s signature on the truss rod cover. It would appear that Rick has great taste in colour too, so I’m pretty excited to know all the juicy details on this new model. I’m not sure if it has P90 or P100 pickups, so we will have to wait until those specifications land officially on the Gibson site.

Hopefully, we will not have to wait too long to find out all the specifications and see exactly how Rick tweaked the classic LP Special to his own personal tastes. I don’t know if Rick ever reads my Gearnews articles, but if you do, we think you have great taste!


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9 responses to “Rick Beato’s Gibson LP Special signature model is now in production”

  1. Ab. says:

    That’ s a nice Special DC (however extraordinarily un-special) but I have no foundness at all for the man. He started his youtube career by exposing his sons forced-fed “abilities” (which is 2 reasons to dislike the man) and he is constantly ranting about how it was “better back then” without adding much knowledge to the table. He knows western music theory. Big deal.

    Big number of subscriber is the only thing guitar companies are after

    • Kam says:

      Jeez, bitter much?

    • ZB says:

      What a clueless, idiotic comment.

      Also, “exposing his sons forced-fed “abilities”” makes absolutely no sense. He released a few videos about his son’s perfect pitch–something that many are interested in, and he was able to provide a very unique perspective as someone with a vast music theory knowledge coupled with a young example of perfect pitch (and what it’s meant to his son over the years).

      I valued those videos, and as a father of four, I never saw it as him capitalizing on his child. And the child didn’t seem put out at all. If anything, children love being praised for anything they can do… this likely make the child feel very good.

    • Joe says:

      Please never have children. You have no understanding of them and their innate hunger for knowledge, how to encourage their talents, or indeed, much of anything at all if this comment is anything to go by.

    • KEVIN TRAWICK says:

      I think your Rick Beato panties are a little to tight. Ease up JuiceBox!

    • Mike H says:

      Ha ha you have no idea what you’re talking about. Rick’s awesome! “Doesn’t bring any knowledge”?? “So he know western music theory..big deal”??
      Gtfo mate

    • Dave says:

      just hit the unsubscribe button, dude!

  2. MAS says:

    ZB said it best. “What a clueless idiotic comment”. I can’t help but admire Mr. Beato and all he’s contributed and shared. It’s the kind of knowledge I wish my father “force fed” me. His approach to teaching is right on. He makes it so everyone out here can understand. Mr. Beato has opened my eyes to so so much. He also give new ways of looking at things, things I thought I already knew he made me know better. If that makes any sense. Thank you professor Beato.
    I plan on buying his signature guitar as soon as they become available. `

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