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Revv Amplification G8 Noise Gate

Revv Amplification G8 Noise Gate  ·  Source: Revv Amplification


The new Revv G8 Noise Gate is based on the Generator Series 120 MKIII amp-head. So you can expect a super tight noise gate that should be perfect for those crushing riffs. Designed and built in Canada, this little black sparkly pedal is certain to help keep your tone in check.


Revv G8 Noise Gate

A noise gate is a huge part of modern guitar tones, and a really fast and tight gate can mean the difference between a superb tight riff with plenty of definition, or a big sloppy noisy distorted mess. The new Revv G8 Noise Gate takes its technology from the company’s Generator Series 120 MKIII amp-head, so it should be more than up to the job of keeping your riffs tight.

Revv G8 Noise Gate

Revv G8 Noise Gate · Source: Revv Amplification


The controls on this sparkly black pedal include Hold, Release, and Threshold. You also get a very useful Send/Return loop for your gating pedals, or to create a side chain. Apparently, the Revv G8 Noise Gate has been optimized for use with any analogue, digital or hybrid rig, so you can use it with just about any setup you could imagine.

“After the positive response to Generator 120 MK3’s built-in gate, I knew we could design a killer rock & metal gate. The real journey began once we decided it had to be so transparent we could convert guitarists who would normally never touch a gate.” – Dan Trudeau, President & Head Designer Revv Amplification Inc

No hiss, no noise

Noise gates are never exactly exciting to talk about and describe, but just like a good-quality guitar cable or speaker cabinet, they can be a vital part of the signal chain. Ultimately, you never really hear your gate if it is working well, but you will certainly hear your riffs more clearly, and with zero hiss or noise.

The pedal is true-bypass, which means it won’t mess with your tone, and has top-mounted jacks, though the send/return loop jacks are on the sides. So you will have to plan out where it will sit on your pedalboard. Power-wise, it requires a 9-12V centre negative external power supply with a 50mA minimum.


You can check out the video demo below to hear it do its thing,  though I suspect it will be more about how it feels when you are playing, and how well it tracks your playing style.

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Revv G8 Noise Gate Demo Video

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Revv Amplification G8 Noise Gate

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