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Reverend Guitars Flatroc 2021

Reverend Guitars Flatroc 2021  ·  Source: Reverend Guitars


Reverend Guitars’ popular bolt-on neck model, the Flatroc, has been revamped and re-released with new hardware, along with a new set of mini-humbucking pickups. There are new colours, too, and a Bigsby vibrato system!


Reverend Flatroc 2021

The Reverend Flatroc model has just been revamped for 2021 and is now available in Transparent White, Rock Orange, or a Metallic Emerald finish over a Korina body. You have a Pearloid pickguard with the Rock Orange and Metallic Emerald models, and a Tortoiseshell with the Transparent White version. The bolt-on neck is made from roasted maple, with either a 12″ radius roasted maple or rosewood fretboard.

New improved Reverend Flatroc 2021 with Bigsby B-50

New improved Reverend Flatroc 2021 with Bigsby B-50

New Mini-Humbuckers

The new Flatroc models come with a pair of Retroblast mini-humbuckers, which should give you a more midrange punch, as well as a nice, chimey high end. You also get the Reverend Bass Contour passive control. It makes the guitar pretty versatile, as it helps tighten up the low end and helps you to sculpt your pickup tones nicely.

Reverend Flatroc 2021

Reverend Flatroc 2021 in Rock Orange

Bigsby with Soft Touch

The other major hardware update for 2021 is the addition of a Bigsby B-50 vibrato, with a roller bridge and featuring a Soft Touch Spring. The latter gives the system a nice worn-in feel. It is a subtle upgrade, but having used these springs myself on Bigsby systems, it does make them feel smoother. As ever, with Reverend guitars you get a set of pin-lock tuners and a Boneite nut, which should help keep things nicely in tune.

I think all these updates will make for a good all-around guitar. And the addition of that that Bigsby B50 gives it a nice vintage-vibe. Reverend always goes that extra mile with its tweaks and enhancements, and I have yet to play a bad one.

A good solid instrument on paper and, for the money, these new improved Flatroc models have a lot to offer players. Well worth checking out, especially if you like vintage-style trem systems and mini-humbuckers.

You can hear the new Reverend Guitars Flatroc in action in the official demo video below. I have to add, I like what I’m hearing.

RRP – USD 1439



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More Information on Reverend Guitars Flatroc

Reverend Guitars Flatroc Video


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by Jef

One response to “Reverend Guitars tweaks its Flatroc model for a re-release”

  1. pfrf says:

    I just bought a new guitar, but if I had known these were coming I would have waited for the white Flatroc with the rosewood fingerboard. The Retroblast mini-humbuckers are sweet, articulate pickups. Nice guitars!

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