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Ocean Swift Polyphenom 2

Ocean Swift Polyphenom 2  ·  Source: Ocean Swift


It’s only 6 months since the release of the original Polyphenom but OceanSwift believes it’s time for a whole new version. Although you’d be forgiven for not being able to spot the differences. I guess version 2 is about being a little bit more phenomenal, a tad more powerful and a smidgeon more advanced.


Polyphenom 2

The wording on the website is slightly different but it still has 3 oscillators made up of a single additive oscillator and 2 subtractive oscillators. This time the subtractive oscillators are wavetable based rather than analogue emulations and come with 200 waveforms and the ability to load more. It also has ring modulation, sync and noise. Maybe that’s the main advancement.

The additive oscillator is still interesting with its 16 harmonic partials and control over the frequency, volume and panning of each one. A new feature of version 2 is the Harmonic Randomizer which you can direct at all the partial parameters for instant satisfaction.

Unison modes and FM carry over from the original version.

There’s a brand new filter. This is actually reflected in the user interface where we have a couple of sliders rather than knobs. It has 4 different types – Low, High, Band and Notch and dedicated envelope and LFO modulators.

I have to say it still sounds completely “phenomenal” for €45. Evolving textures, soundscapes, ambient journeys all the way to leads, basses and keyboards. The changes are not huge, it’s more of a tweak and polish expanding on something that was already pretty fabulous. It’s also a free update to existing Polyphenom users so everybody wins.

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Ocean Swift Polyphenom 2

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