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OceanSwift Polyphenom

OceanSwift Polyphenom  ·  Source: OceanSwift


Or at least that’s what they say and who am I to disagree? Polyphenom combine additive and subtractive synthesis elements in deep and interesting ways. From dreamy soundscapes to pulsing leads and basses it’s another ultmate and awesome software synthesizer.



Fabulous hybrid synthesizers just keep on coming and Polyphenom looks right at home amongst the current advanced sound sources. It sports a more unusual harmonic oscillator with 16 additive partials plus 2 analog style oscillators with unison and ring modulation. You can apply FM to the harmonics while modulating the signal, and route dedicated LFOs for everything everywhere. The low pass filter has its own dedicated envelope and LFO modulators. And at the end of it all there’s the usual bunch of delay, reverb and crushing effects.

Listening to the demos it appears to be able to pull off those dreamy soundscapes and thumbing basslines without any problems. The interface has the feel of a mixer about it but the faders actually refer to the additive partials in two pages of 8. They’ve all got modulation hard wired into the bottom. The filtering and FM facilities are available in the bottom part of the synth along with the effects. It feels like there should be more to it but you can’t fault the sounds coming out the other end.

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At €40 it’s good value (usual price €60) and is available as a standalone and VST plugin. I really liked Aeolian Meditation which is also based upon additive synthesis but with Polyphenom they’ve brought in some more tradtionally subtractive elements and oscillators to give it a bit more beef.

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OceanSwift Polyphenom

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