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UVI Falcon 2

UVI Falcon 2  ·  Source: UVI

UVI Falcon 2 Effects

UVI Falcon 2 Effects  ·  Source: UVI

UVI Falcon 2 Modulators

UVI Falcon 2 Modulators  ·  Source: UVI

UVI Falcon 2 Events

UVI Falcon 2 Events  ·  Source: UVI


Falcon is one of those huge virtual instruments that has everything stuffed inside it just in case you need it. Falcon 2 decides that having everything is not nearly enough and removes all boundaries and lets you play with infinite sonic possibilities. Sounds like fun!


Falcon 2

It’s got the lot – cutting edge oscillators, effects, modulators, event processors, adaptive workflow and a scriptable environment – don’t dream it, play it. There are 9 forms of synthesis including virutal analog, wavetable, phase distortion, FM, additive and physical modelling. Or you can go the sample route with individual manipulation of time and pitch algorithms per sample as well as granular slicing. You can have up to 16 oscillators running together with any combination of the aforementioned forms of synthesis and sampling. You can mix and match plucked algorithms with sawtooth waves and sampled cat scratching and keep layering it up until your computer catches fire.

Each form of synthesis comes with a dedicated editor. From the simple stacking of analog waveforms to the beautiful modulation of wavetables and the versatile 4-operator FM. The sampling side includes a proper sample editor with cropping, fades, reverse and effect bouncing. The Slice function can break it all up into keygroups and work with loops like REX files.

On the effects side you have over 90 to play with, so I guess we can assume that means everything without me having to list them? Effects can be accessed on Sends and racked up for parallel and multi-band processing. There are 18 filters including Comb, Crossover, Sallen Key (no, I don’t know either), Formant, Vowel and lots of low-pass and multi-modes. The effects engine is ridiculously comprehensive.


For modulators you have 9 modulation generators with all sorts of envelope types and LFOs. You can drop them on whatever you like and put together the most outrageous modulation shapes and movement to any parameter.

And lastly there’s the Events section which are like crazy MIDI controllers that can strum, arpeggiate, micro tune or go off generating their own music.

Falcon 2 is a monster with all sort of windows and editors to get lost in. But the interface is resizable and UVI does its level best to keep the depth under control. There’s a massive browser giving clear and catalogued access to sounds, samples, components and modulators. Macros provide some very welcome overview control for performance and less deep sound design. And the mixer pulls everything together. It comes with over 1000 presets and is infinitely expandable.

Falcon 2 is available now for a special price of €244 for MacOS and Windows.

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