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Ocean Swift OSS Enterprise

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Ocean Swift has released the OSS Enterprise hybrid vector software synthesizer. It’s a space-themed machine that offers several different kinds of synthesis, including additive, subtractive, and wavetable. Paired with some stellar-looking modulation options, this looks like a capable spacecraft for all kinds of sonic exploration.


Four multi-mode oscillators with vector synthesis

Upon opening the hatch, you’ll find that the OSS Enterprise offers four oscillators, each of which can operate in subtractive, additive, and wavetable modes. That alone is a lot of sonic ground being covered. But there’s also the vector synthesis component, which lets you mix and morph between different types of oscillators using dedicated LFOs, as well as pan the oscillators individually. With this set of features, OSS Enterprise should be capable of a wide range of sounds and interesting textures.

The dual filters offer low pass, high pass, band pass, and notch modes, as well as a dedicated envelope and LFO for each filter. Ocean Swift says that the filter LFOs have an inverse modulation mode for stereo filtering effects.

Speaking of the LFOs, they seem to be of the flexible kind, with analog, wavetable, and additive modes. You can even draw your own LFO shapes. An effects section with panner/tremolo, delay, and chorus/phaser effects is also available, to add the final interstellar dust to your sounds. All in all, Ocean Swift OSS Enterprise seems like a unique and very promising new addition to the world of software synths, that is definitely worth a closer look.


Compatibility and price

Ocean Swift OSS Enterprise is available as a 64-bit VST plug-in for Windows. Unfortunately, there is no Mac version. The plug-in is on sale for EUR 45, down from the regular price of EUR 60. There’s also a deluxe version, which includes additional presets and wavetable by DLC. The deluxe version costs EUR 60 (down from EUR 75). A free demo version is also available.

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Ocean Swift OSS Enterprise

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