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ELTA Polivoks Mini

ELTA Polivoks Mini  ·  Source: ELTA

ELTA Polivoks Mini

ELTA Polivoks Mini  ·  Source: ELTA

Now, this is the bomb. A serious bit of Soviet-era inspired synthesis in a bulletproof case that looks as angry as it sounds. Moscow based ELTA Music have announced the imminent release of their Polivoks Mini analog synthesizer.

Polivoks Mini

It’s designed to be a simpler and lighter version of the originally massive Soviet synthesizer. The concept was developed by original Polivoks designer Vladmir Kuzmin back in 1990. ELTA has taken the rediscovered schematic and brought it to life.

Some bits and bobs have been removed, some things combined and simplified in order to reduce the component count, lose a few controls while retaining the functionality. The main synthesizer sections, the generator, the coveted Polivoks filter and multi-mode envelope generator are essentially the same as the original. But they’ve removed the need for thermal stabilization (not everything about the original was cool).

What was important to ELTA is that the sound is retained. The fatness, the bite, the sogginess that gives the Polivoks its uniquely gritty character – that should all be there.

I have to say that the look of the beast is completely fabulous. I’d have to have one in the military green livery, with those nuclear bunker red switches. Why have wooden cheeks when you can have f*ing tank tracks? And the best thing is that the Polivoks Mini is priced at only $500. They will be taking orders soon and expect to ship in April.

More information

  • ELTA Polivoks Mini webpage (Russian)

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