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PMC are marking their 25th Anniversary with the suitably named ‘twenty5’ consumer series speakers for the audiophile. With an accumulation of everything PMC have learnt over the years, through developing some of the best professional studio speakers and high-end HiFi equipment, these are bound to be a pleasant listen. However, even if you’re not looking for a new pair of speakers for your living room, then look carefully as there’s a new technology at play. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before we see this implemented in their studio speakers.


I’m a fan of PMC monitoring, and I’m not alone with many of the worlds greatest studios being PMC equipped. They’ve always had a strong hand in the domestic market too as their technology is easily adapted, and in many cases their consumer systems are dearer. Along with their own cross-overs and driver designs, the most significant feature across most of the PMC product line is their Automatic Transmission Line (ATL). This bass loading technology uses the reverse pressure from the driver for an extended bass response, which aims to offer high levels of performance in a compact form factor.

Now found at the exit of the ATL transmission line, is a new venting technology based on lessons learnt in aerodynamics from formula 1. PMC are calling this technology ‘Laminair’, which is designed to reduce turbulence and resistance, and in turn increase efficiency. Poorly vented ports can produce unwanted noise that is often referred to as ‘chuffing’. This is a common issue all speaker manufactures try to avoid, and I suspect that PMC will continue to use this tech in future pro models.


This new series consists of two stand mount speakers, the two-way twenty5.21 and twenty5.22, and three floor-standing models. There are two, two-way floor standing models, the twenty5.23 and twenty5.24, and one three-way model, the flagship twenty5.26. The 21 and 23 both feature a 5” long-throw bass driver, with a 6 ½” used in the 22 and 24, and a 7” in the twenty5.26.

Prices start from 1870 GBP for the 21, through to 6995 GBP for the 26. All models are passive, so suitable amplification needs to be factored in if you’re considering buying a pair.

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One response to “PMC new ‘twenty5’ consumer series marks 25th Anniversary”

    John M. Read says:

    Has anyone done a review of these newbies vs the older series? Say the Twenty26?

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