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Pigtronix Star Eater Fuzz Pedal

Pigtronix Star Eater Fuzz Pedal  ·  Source: Pigtronix


The Pigtronix Star Eater is a germanium and silicon fuzz pedal with plenty of fuzz options. These two clipping options, plus a powerful filter can achieve some huge fuzz tones. Perfect for all your pedal heads that love fuzz.


Pigtronix Star Eater

This new Pigtronix Star Eater offers two selectable clipping circuits, one germanium and the other silicon. However, you also get a contour switch that either bumps or scoops the mid frequencies. This contour switch setting is then foot-switchable as it has a dedicated footswitch, so you can bring it in or out of the fuzz circuit as required.

Star Eater

Star Eater fuzz pedal


Apart from the standard on/off engage switch, it also has controls for Sweep (filter), the Sweep control is only in play when the contour footswitch is active. Plus Volume and Hunger with the latter being the amount of gain you want to dial in for your germanium or silicon clipping circuit.

Pigtronix Star Eater Fuzz Pedal

Germanium and Silicon clipping, plus contour switch


Check out the official demo video below and you will hear that this is a pretty well-specified fuzz pedal. Those few extra elements to the pedal’s design really do open up what is on offer. Making the Star Eater a truly versatile fuzz pedal. Pigtronix is calling it a Super-Jumbo fuzz and I can see why. As it certainly covers a lot of classic vintage fuzz tones in one pretty compact unit.


The pedal itself runs from a 9-volt power supply and has pedalboard-friendly top-mounted jack sockets. I like the clean layout and it looks easy to use and that is always a huge bonus with fuzz pedals. If they are too complex, then it can become a pain to dial in for specific tones, but I cannot see that being an issue here.

MSRP – USD 179

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Pigtronix Star Eater Fuzz Pedal

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