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PickTape - A waste of time?

PickTape - A waste of time?  ·  Source: PickTape


PickTape is a new ‘product’ aimed at guitarists that will buy stuff for their guitar, even if they don’t really need it. Supposedly, it’s a handy way to keep hold of your plectrums, whilst you play your guitar.


Waste of time?

I saw this product and my immediate thought was, “What a waste of time”. Having looked into it further I would go as far as to say it is also a total waste of money.

Why would anyone buy a double-sided sticky pad for holding their plectrums to their guitar? Especially, when you can buy a whole reel of double-sided low-tack tape for less than a tenner that would last you all year long.

They claim that the low tack adhesive will not damage your vintage guitar finish and then also ask you to change them frequently, so that it won’t do any long term damage to your guitar (and they can sell you more). Get this: They recommend that PickTape pads are only used for a maximum of 3 weeks at a time! I would avoid PickTape like the plague, as it already goes back on its claim.


PickTape – Pointless Product of the Year? · Source: PickTape


You may have guessed that I think this stuff is a total waste of time and money. Sorry PickTape, but you really need to give up on this ludicrous product and go find something viable. If this was Dragons Den then I would be laughing in your face right now.


This wins the Pointless Product of the Year Award for me and I for one will not be wasting my money on it.

RRP – from GBP 3.99

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PickTape - A waste of time?

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