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Halon Guitar Parts Offset Bridge

Halon Guitar Parts Offset Bridge  ·  Source: Halon Guitar Parts


Finding quality hardware for Stratocasters and Telecasters is never a problem. But for us offset players it can be a lot harder to upgrade our guitars. Luckily, Halon Guitar Parts is adding some high-quality boutique parts to its range tailored to Jazzmasters and Jaguars.


Boutique Offset Upgrades

The market for upgrade parts is booming, especially given the way the internet opens up our world. I’m a huge fan of upgrading and personalising my guitars. For years I have struggled with finding hardware upgrades for my Fender Jazzmasters as well as for the guitars I’ve built myself.

In more recent years companies such as the US Mastery and UK based StayTrem have come up with hardware upgrades for offset guitars. Unfortunately, StayTrem is now scaling down its manufacturing operation, will no longer ship outside the UK and is making much smaller batches.

Recently I was lucky enough to stumble across a new set of boutique upgrades made by Halon Guitar Parts. So my being me, asked them to send me details of any new offset hardware they planned to launch in 2019.

All the alloys!

The line-up consists of components made from machined billets of 1060 steel,  7075 aluminiumms-58 brass or Gr.5 titanium. We are talking nothing but the best here, and there are plenty of options.


You can now get the Halon modern offset bridge (string spacing 2 1/16” / 52.38mm) and their  Halon vintage offset bridge (string spacing 2 6/32” / 55.56mm). Both versions have a baseplate thickness of 2.5mm.

Deep Groove

Their Special Deep Grooved Saddles bridges are also available in three-a-side compensated versions. Or Halon can make you a set of ‘deep groove’ replacement six single saddles for your existing bridge. Plus, the company does various bridge thimbles for both modern (metric) and vintage (imperial) guitars all in all the different metals.

Okay, I know this stuff is very niche and possibly a little specialist. However, if you play offset guitars you will certainly appreciate having some decent choices at last.

These new parts are not yet listed on their site. The people at Halon were kind enough to send me some exclusive photos when I asked, but you can make enquiries now and they are taking orders.

RRP – various

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Halon Guitar Parts Offset Bridge

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