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Gordon Smith new offset model

Gordon Smith new offset model  ·  Source: Facebook/Gordon Smith Guitars

If you’re a fan of offset guitars, this great-looking, as yet unnamed model from UK guitar builders Gordon Smith should be on your radar. 

Gordon Smith new offset model

Gordon Smith Guitars uploaded a photo to its Facebook page of a superb-looking new guitar. The UK guitar maker is, as far as I am aware, not known for making offset guitars. This as yet unnamed model is shown in a sunburst finish, sporting what appears to be two P90-style pickups with chrome covers.

We normally associate Gordon Smith with double-cut instruments; the firm has been building guitars in the UK since 1974. In recent years it was taken over was at one point were linked with Blackstar Amplification, for whom it made travel guitars. Now the brand seems to have been given a new lease of life, which is really nice to see as I have fond memories of playing their guitar in my teens back in the 1980s.

Gordon Smith new offset model

Gordon Smith new offset model

GS Offset

Let’s have a closer look at the guitar. It looks to be equipped with a trem system and bridge that look traditional for offsets, which I am sure will please all the purists out there. It looks like a swamp ash body and you can see a lovely grain underneath the sunburst finish. Here’s what Gordon Smith Guitars said on its Facebook page:

Introducing the brand new GS Offset
The first one came out of production earlier today and we grabbed some quick pictures before it went to its new home.
Now the big question – what should we call it?
Gordon Smith Guitars GS Offset

Gordon Smith Guitars GS Offset

What would you call it?

Potentially, this new model could be a winner – I really like the style. The smaller pickguard and overall look of this new offset model really appeal to me.  It also looks like they are looking for a name for it . maybe we can make some suggestions. What would you call it?

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