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DivKid ochd

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DivKid (Ben Wilson) has released his second Eurorack module in collaboration with Instruo. It’s called “ochd” and pronounced “oct” and is an octuplet of analogue LFOs in a 4HP module. 



Rather than being individually controllable these are free-running triangle LFOs that start fast at the top and end up slow at the bottom. They are not synced or in ratio to one another but are designed to feel organically connected. The idea is that they give a sense of drifting modulation to keep things moving and stop them from getting repetitive. The rate control knob at the top controls the rate for all the LFOs at once and take the bottom output down to something ridiculous like 25-minute cycles and the top output can go just about into audio rate. So the range is fantastic.

DivKid ochd

DivKid ochd showing range of LFOs

There’s a single CV input with an attenuverter that can be used to push the range further or to track and hold the LFOs effectively freezing them with a gate, or you can patch a spare LFO back in to do a bit of waveshaping.

It’s a wonderfully simple and yet terribly useful module like the Mutes that came before it. Ben has such a depth of experience with Eurorack that when he comes up with an idea you know that it’s going to immediately fulfil a need that you hadn’t realised you had. I’m always packing my Batumi LFO and multing the outputs to route LFOs all over the place just to keep things moving. With 8 LFOs on tap, without thinking about it or having to do anything clever, I can patch them in and keep the sound in motion. It also looks great in that slightly odd but nice Instruo brown and gold and with glowing bipolar LEDs to give you a visual indication of what’s going on.


ochd is available now for £139 from all good Eurorack shops.

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DivKid ochd

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