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Leaked images of new Korg Volcas

Leaked images of new Korg Volcas  ·  Source: @Synthjam

Just when you thought Korg had lost interest in the Volca series of mini synths two new ones pop up on Instagram ahead of their assumed release at NAMM in January.

Volca Modular

This is a funny looking thing. It has shades of Buchla about it and is tagged as a Micro Modular Synthesizer. It has some waveform selections with wavefolding and ratio controls. There are functions for envelopes and wave shaping, a pair of LPGs, some “Woggle” randomisation and a 16 step sequencer. It has a load of patch-wire sockets for patching as well as some Eurorack sized CV in and sync. It looks proper fun though.

Volca Drum

Not quite so startling is the Volca Drum which they call a Digital Percussion Synthesizer. Not a whole lot to see on the front other than envelope and modulation controls, a bit of tuning and something about there being 2 layers and an intriguing screen. The Volca Beats had 10 channels of rhythm going on, I wonder what we’ll find here.

No official news from Korg about these boxes so we look forward to hearing more.

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  1. James says:

    What do you mean when you say the Volca Beats had 4 channels of rhythym going on?

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