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New Swamp Ash Rg-4 from Godin Guitars

New Passion Series RG-4 with Synchronised Resonance Chambers  ·  Source:

Dorchester Bass from Godin

No news of the Godin Dorchester Bass yet...  ·  Source:

Canadian guitar makers Godin today announced the new Passion RG-4 Swamp Ash Bass. The bass has five tuned ‘Synchronised Resonance Chambers’, which are interconnected internally and will, allegedly, give a far better resonance and also make the instrument lightweight and therefore really vibrant.

There’s no more information as yet on the Godin website, and just a very low resolution image floating around on the web for the moment.

The RG-4 is part of Godin’s Passion Series and has been announced just ahead of the NAMM Show. From the small amount of information released it looks similar to their regular Shifter model bass which has been available for some time, with a set of Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound PJ Pickups with one tone and one volume control shared between the two pickups, as well as a four way switch. This model should be available with either a maple or a rosewood fretboard, and a nice piece of carved swamp ash for the body.

Godin have a reputation for making good quality instruments and using the best hardware, so these new Passion RG-4 basses in theory should be good instruments. As of writing this I cannot find any audio demos of this new bass, so hopefully by the NAMM show their should be some stuff we can actually hear. The regular Godin Shifter bass range was made from Canadian Laurentian basswood. The idea of having swamp ash hollowed out is never a bad thing as it can be a heavy wood, so I imagine the resonance chambers will help to make these basses a fair bit lighter.

Sadly, there’s no mention by Godin of the Dorchester Bass, which was shown on their official Facebook page at the end of last year…

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