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Godin A12 Black HG chambered 12-string

Godin A12 Black HG chambered 12-string  ·  Source: Godin


The latest model in Godin’s A-series is the 12-string Godin A12 Black HG, which has been designed by the Canadian company to be free of any nasty unwanted feedback.


A-Series Godin A12 Black HG 

The new Godin A12 Black HG features a lightweight dual-chambered Silver Leaf Maple body that is designed to eliminate any unwanted feedback. If it works as they say it will, then it will be welcomed by many guitar players who gig on a regular basis and want to avoid troublesome stage noise issues.

Godin A-Series Godin A12 Black HG 

Godin A-Series Godin A12 Black HG


Being as it is chambered, you can expect it to also be a lightweight instrument, which again is great for working musicians. It comes with a Richlite fingerboard, which feels similar to ebony. Gibson has been using this material for a number of years now, mainly due to the old CITES issues and the fact that it is getting harder/more expensive to use ebony.

The guitar uses Canadian Laurentian basswood wings and a solid cedar top. It has a Richlite bridge and a Graphtech nut fitted to the maple neck, and comes in a high-gloss finish.

Godin A12 Black HG chambered 12-string full

Godin A12 Black HG chambered 12-string chambered with custom electronics

Custom Electronics

Custom Godin onboard electronics provide the player with precise control over the A12 Black HG tones. You can use the volume, treble, mid and bass slider controls to dial in your tones. We don’t have the full specifications on these yet, but I’m sure we will find out more in the coming week.

I think it is a damn fine looking guitar and the official demo video below gives you a taste of what to expect.

RRP – USD 1195

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2 responses to “NAMM 2020: Godin A12 Black HG chambered 12-string announced”

  1. Bearpaws says:

    You can stick your Richlite where the sun doesn’t shine. As for ebony, your lame excuse doesn’t stop Japanese and Korean manufacturers using it.

    • Jef says:

      Possibly ebony import costs will be higher in the US/Canada? The whole CITES debacle made it a lot of hard work for a few years. If companies had them stockpiled already, it might lower costs. Do you remember when Gibson got all theirs confiscated, as it had no paperwork? Pretty sure that cost then a lot of time and money. I have no problem with Richlite, as it is proven and also very stable.

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