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Neural DSP Quad Cortex CorOS 1.4.0 update adds Minivoicer

 ·  Source: Neural DSP


The latest Neural DSP Quad Cortex CorOS 1.4.0 update adds Minivoicer, nine new amplifiers and a host of new effects. Making the Quad Cortex even more appealing to potential new owners and making it even more fully-fledged.


Neural DSP Quad Cortex CorOS 1.4.0

The Neural DSP Quad Cortex CorOS 1.4.0 update adds 9 new amplifiers, 10 new effects and more routing options to the already powerful floor modeller.

Neural Quad Cortex CorOS 1.1.0

Neural Quad Cortex · Source: Neural DSP

Nine Amps

CorOS 1.4.0 includes the new Bogna Uber Clean and Lead, these are modelled after the Bogner Überschall Rev. Blue’s Clean and Lead channels. Three D-Cell Hisbert channels are based on channels 1-3 of the Diezel Herbert. Plus, the US HP Tweed TWN Bright, Bright Jumped, Normal, and Normal Jumped are all modelled on a Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex adds 9 new amps and looper in latest CorOS 1.3.0 update

Source: Neural DSP

Ten Effects

It also adds three new overdrive models: Nobels ODR-1, Keeley Red Dirt, and the Vemuram Jan Ray. Plus a Dual Delay and five new compressor models, including Neural DSP’s versions of the Boss CS-3 and the Universal Audio 1176. They have also managed to squeeze in emulations of the Boss DC-2W, the MXR Phase 95 and a Dunlop Cry Baby.


Then there is the new Minivoicer algorithm that allows users to add two pitch-shifted voices on top of their signal. It has controls so players can control the root note and modes. Allowing the Minivoicer to add some very handy harmonising and arpeggiating options. Plus, when connected via MIDI it will also harmonise over chord changes.


Tweaked System

There have been lots of tweaks to the overall system, including Stomp Mode Bypass, Input Gate, Boot Splash Screen, Recovery Mode and Swap Scenes etc

I also like that it now allows users to change which USB ins/outs send the dry or wet signal when you are using the Quad Cortex as an audio interface. Check out the official Deep Dive video below to hear the new Neural DSP Quad Cortex* CorOS1.4.0 update in action.

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Neural DSP Quad Cortex CorOS 1.4.0 update adds Minivoicer

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