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Neural DSP Quad Cortex adds 9 new amps and looper in latest CorOS 1.3.0 update

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The latest Quad Cortex CorOS 1.3.0 adds nine new amp models, including Marshall Silver Jubilee and Vox AC15-inspired models, three new cabinets and, most importantly, a looper with over 4 minutes of looping time. This should be more than enough recording time for most players out there.


Quad Cortex CorOS 1.3.0

The new CorOS 1.3.0 update for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex adds the ability to use a looper in Preset, Scene and Stomp modes, with 4 minutes and 44 seconds record time. Plus, it can be placed anywhere on The Grid, allowing users to get really creative with their looping. It will also remain active through Preset changes, as long as each individual Preset has a Looper block attached to it.

Neural Quad Cortex CorOS 1.1.0

Neural Quad Cortex · Source: Neural DSP

Record, Overdub, Play/Stop and Undo

The new looper has controls for Record, Overdub, Play/Stop and Undo, so it should be a breeze to use. And to hear it in action, check out the Mike Dawes demo video below. Reverse and Half Speed controls are also available, so it is pretty comprehensive. You also get Duplicate, which extends your original loop by any desired length, and One Shot, for one-repeat-only. The Re-Loop can trim the length of your initial loop recording.

Finally, you have a Quantise option that syncs the loop to the Quad Cortex internal tempo, MIDI compatibility, and a Threshold level that triggers the looper when an audio signal is detected.

Amps and Effects

This already is a massive update for anyone that was missing a looper function. But Neural DSP has also included nine new amp models, and three new virtual cabinets, so it’s quite a decent upgrade for owners of the Quad Cortex. On top of all this, there are  new modulation effects and delays to play with. You can see all the new updated amp/cab and effects models in the official list below.

Official Amplifier List

  • Brit UBL Lead (Marshall Silver Jubilee)
  • Brit UBL Lead Clip (Marshall Silver Jubilee)
  • UK C15 Boost (Vox AC15)
  • UK C15 Normal (Vox AC15)
  • US Prince (Fender Blackface Princeton Reverb)
  • US Tweed Basslad Bright (Fender Bassman Tweed)
  • US Tweed Basslad Bright Jumped (Fender Bassman Tweed)
  • US Tweed Basslad Normal (Fender Bassman Tweed)
  • US Tweed Basslad Normal Jumped (Fender Bassman Tweed)


  • 110 US PRN C10R (Fender Princeton with Jensen C10R drivers)
  • 112 UK C15 Blue (Vox AC15  with Celestion Alnico Blue drivers)
  • 410 US Basslad PR10 (Fender Bassman Tweed with Jensen P10R drivers)


  • Analog Delay
  • Analog Delay (Mono)
  • Slapback Delay
  • Slapback Delay (Mono)


  • Chief CE2W Chorus (BOSS CE-2W)
  • Chief CE2W (Mono) (BOSS CE-2W)
  • Chorus 229T (TC Electronic TC-2290)
  • Chorus Engine
  • Dream Chorus (TC Electronic Dreamscape)
  • Dream Chorus (Mono) (TC Electronic Dreamscape)
  • Flanger Engine
  • MX Flanger (MXR Flanger M117R)


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Neural DSP Quad Cortex adds 9 new amps and looper in latest CorOS 1.3.0 update

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