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Neural DSP launch Quad Cortex with machine learning

Neural DSP launch Quad Cortex with machine learning  ·  Source: Neural DSP


The new flagship Neural DSP Quad Cortex amp-modeller and multi-effects unit, has insane processing power and uses machine learning to get you awesome guitar tones.


Welcome To The Machine

Once upon a time us guitar players had an amp, ideally a valve one and possibly a few effects pedals to add a dash of colour to our guitar tone. Nowadays, the thing to rock out with is a little black floor pedal that uses DSP to give you all the tones you could ever dream of and more.

That is where the new Neural DSP Quad Cortex is firmly seated and it even uses machine learning to create its unique modelling sounds. The Helsinki based company is already well known for their software emulations and now at Winter NAMM 2020 they take their first tentative steps into high end hardware.

Neural DSP launch Quad Cortex with machine learning

Neural DSP launch Quad Cortex with machine learning and 2Ghz of dedicated DSP from the Quad Cortex’s quad-core SHARC and dual ARM processing

Access More

They even have a Cortex Desktop Controller allows you to control the floor unit in real-time via your PC/Mac or you can access more patches via the cloud, with the Neural CNS Mobile smartphone app.

Making it easy to integrate into your existing technology and potentially easier to visually edit and share your patches as well. Which, is always a nice thing to be able to do simply, without hassle.  There is MIDI and USB on the rear panel, so it looks good for connectivity into existing setups from the off.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

Integrate Cortex with your favorite devices

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

Using what they call Neural Capture the Quad Cortex is powered by a neural network architecture, powered by 2GHz speed, quad-core SHARC and dual ARM processors. Which, I believe is currently the most powerful system on the market to date.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex rear panel with a host of connectivity

Neural DSP Quad Cortex rear panel with a host of connectivity

Multi Touch

The Quad Cortex is fitted with a 7-inch multi-touch screen and a proprietary rotary footswitch control, along with 11 footswitches. Therefore it fits right into theLine 6 Helix, Mooer GE300 and Kemper Profiler Stage  territory..

Apparently, it can run four ‘virtual’ guitar rigs at once. Which, as we have no details yet is a bit hard to work out exactly how powerful it actually is, yet. The one and only image floating around on social media, looks very much like a mock up as well.

At the time of writing we don’t yet have all the full details of the new Quad Cortex system, but I can imagine we will know a lot more very, very soon during the NAMM Show next week.

UPDATE – The official site has just gone live and there is now some information available at last.

UPDATE – 15 Jan  New Beta version video has surface on YouTube, so we can get an idea of what to expect.

RRP –  USD 1599 – Due out September 2020. The first 1000 units will be numbered and come with a ‘certificate of ownership’.

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