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Nervous Squirrel WAVIATRIX

Nervous Squirrel WAVIATRIX  ·  Source: Nervous Squirrel


WAVIATRIX will fire off 24 samples in response to buttons or trigger inputs with looping, polyphony and pitch control. Opens up huge soundscape potential in 5U Moog Modular.



Nervous Squirrel’s Dave Cranmer is some kind of genius. Dabbling in engineering, art, product design, robots, special effects, electronics and music devices he has a knack for pulling together odd and awesome things. His latest, and relatively mild but stunningly useful, adventure is a 5U module in the Moog Modular format that plays back samples.

He says he based it upon the Robertsonics WAV Trigger to interface the idea into a modular synth setup. You can store up to 4096 CD-quality audio files on the SD card which can be accessed in banks but the 24 trigger buttons or trigger inputs. The result is routed to the stereo audio outputs. There’s a polyphonic mode for overlapping and layering samples and a loop mode controlled via CV. Pitch can be controlled via a knob or via CV.


It’s interesting how it could be used a source of 24 sounds, hits or events, or you could turn it into a 24 note instrument using a sample from the same instrument on every slot. You could then be triggering chords and melodies depending on how you interface to the module. It’s remarkably simple and effective.

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More Information

I’m looking forward to seeing it in action. There’s no information on price or availability and I believe Dave likes to work on projects as commissions so if this interests you then your best bet is to get in touch with him direct. I’d also recommend spending some time browsing his other projects on his website.

More information

  • Nervious Squirrel webpage.
  • Nervous Squirrel Instagram.
Nervous Squirrel WAVIATRIX

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