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Free of charge: Nembrini Audio is giving away the Clon Minotaur Overdrive Plug-in

Free of charge: Nembrini Audio is giving away the Clon Minotaur Overdrive Plug-in  ·  Source: Nembrini Audio


Nembrini Audio is giving away its new Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive plug-in, designed to get you some of that fabled boutique overdrive tone in your DAW. Does it sound like the fabled original? We took it for a spin.


Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive

Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive from Nembrini Audio seeks to give you a little bit of that ‘Klon Magic’ and add a touch of transparent overdrive sparkle to your virtual guitar rig. This simple plug-in pedal has three controls and a clear graphical interface that mirrors the original layout: Gain, Treble and Output. Nembrini has also included a few presets, just in case you need some help getting started.

Nembrini Audio's Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is modeled on The Klon Centaur

Nembrini Audio’s Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is modeled on The Klon Centaur

The plug-in is completely free and all you need to do is make an account on the Nembrini Audio site to claim your copy of the Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive. It runs on PC, Mac and iOS devices. The big question, of course: does it sound anything like a real Klon Centaur?

Jef's Klon pedals

Jef’s Klon pedals.

Does it really do the Klon thing?

I have owned two original Klon Centaur pedals and I gigged with them for years, so I’m familiar with the Klon sound and how the pedal reacts. First, it’s worth noting that my two Klon pedals were noticeably different and had slightly different sweeps on the controls, which is to be expected as no two potentiometers are exactly the same. Also, both Klons I played worked well at volume, but when playing at low levels they weren’t really in their optimum working environment.

This free plug-in does a decent job of mimicking the ‘transparent overdrive’ vibe, and even if it’s not replicating the sound of the original you can’t complain; it’s free, after all. I’m sure in combination with the right virtual amp you’d get pretty close to the Klon sound. But don’t expect it to suddenly add some extra magic to your tone.

Plug-in Details

You can get Nembrini Audio Clon Minotaur for free on the manufacturer’s website. The plug-in runs on macOS 10.9 or higher and Windows 7 or higher as AU, VST, VST3 and AAX in 64 bit. A free demo version and a detailed PDF user manual can be found on the provider’s product page.

It is also available free of charge as an AUv3 plug-in, inter-app audio effect and standalone app in the Apple App Store for M1 Macs, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app requires iOS or iPadOS 9.3 or higher or macOS 11.0 or higher.

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