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EBMM Heat Treated pickups

EBMM Heat Treated pickups  ·  Source: YouTube/EBMM


Ernie Ball Music Man has launched their new patent-pending Heat Treated pickups at NAMM 2022. Offering the pickups across various models from July. In both single-coil and humbucker formats, they will be included on new Cutlass, StingRay and Cutlass models.


Heat Treated pickups

These patent-pending Heat Treated pickups are Ernie Ball Music Man’s latest invention. The new heat treatment uses principles and insights that contributed to the development of company’s Cobalt and M-Steel Slinky string ranges. The idea behind the heat treatment is to make the pickups more responsive and to give higher outputs.

EBMM HT single-coil

EBMM HT single-coil · Source: YouTube/EBMM

Neodymium & Ceramic

The new heat treats pickups are available in both single-coil and humbucker designs, with neodymium magnets in the single-coil models, and high-output ceramic magnets for the humbucker models. The first models are due out in July and include the Cutlass, StingRay and Cutlass. Plus, you get them as standard on the all new Kaizen 7-string multi-scale model.

EBMM Kaizen

EBMM Kaizen with Heat Treated pickups · Source: EBMM

New HT Models

The Heat Treated pickups will appear in new HT series Cutlass HT SSS, StingRay HT, and a Sabre HT models from July.  The new pickups are paired with specific wiring circuits in the guitars to utilise their potential. Including a push-push adjustable 20dB boost circuit for solos, transparent buffered output for ‘complete tonal consistency at all volume levels’. The Cutless HT SSS will also feature a Silent Circuit to reduce hum

EBMM HT Models 2022

EBMM HT Models 2022 · Source: EBMM

Touch Sensitivity

Ernie Ball Music Man states that they “outperform normal spec pickups by providing extra output and excellent touch sensitivity, as well as a more powerful bass response and an expansion of higher frequency harmonics.” This is a pretty bold move for the company, and they obviously are fully behind these new Heat Treated pickups, as they are to be included on their flagship guitars and the all new Tosin Abasi collaboration.


You can hear the official demo video below, which is not much to go on. As I suspect it will be more down to how they feel when you play them. Touch sensitivity was always going to be hard to portray in a video after all.

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EBMM Heat Treated pickups

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