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Daking MPIIT

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As technology progresses, it’s nice to be getting more choices for affordable boutique-quality equipment. USA-based pro audio manufacturer Daking introduced the Mic Pre IIT, a dual-channel Class A transistor preamp that takes after a classic 80’s console design.


Daking Mic Pre IIT

Maintaining straightforward functionality, the preamp is quite loaded in terms of specifications. Each channel taps out at 70dB of gain with +24dB of headroom. It’s also equipped with a variable high-pass filter (10Hz to 200Hz at 12dB per octave), LED VU meter, +23dBu overload indicator, phase reverse, and 20dB pad.

The circuitry utilizes gold bifurcated contacts for all relay switching and US-made Jensen input and output transformers. The custom aluminium knobs lend a nice design touch to the front panel. There are dual XLR connectors on the rear panel and dual instrument inputs at the front. Outputs are available on 2x XLR and 2x TRS. The power supply is external.

The feature set may seem basic compared to channel strip-like rackmount preamps with built-in dynamics and frequency processing. But most pieces of high-end gear tend to be like this – they do one thing only, and they do it close to perfect.

Price and availability

The Mic Pre IIT is available now from Daking dealers. The USA price is USD 1699. There are other respectable choices in this price range, but the Daking has the boutique aura going on for it. This means clever engineering, competent choice of components, and attention to build quality. The sound is probably up there with the greats, too.

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