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Fano Omnis Series sub $1000 boutique models

Fano Omnis Series sub $1000 boutique models  ·  Source: Fano


Fano Guitars are known for its boutique, US-made guitars. The firm started with the Alt de Facto series and then in recent years added the Standard range. Now in 2020 we have a new budget-friendly line called the Omnis Series, a range which gives us budget boutique versions of their core models.


Budget Boutique

This company was formerly owned by Dennis Fano, who now runs Novo and Rivolta Guitars, and has since left the company that still bears his name. Fano Guitars carries on with their hand-made in the USA lines and still makes fine instruments.

This year they are launching a new series of ‘budget boutique’ models which have polyurethane finished alder bodies, satin-finished maple necks with pau ferro fingerboards. This new range which is called the Omnis Series includes all their core models, including the M6, SP6, GF6 and MG6.

Fano Omnis Series teaser on Facebook

Fano Omnis Series teaser on Facebook

Sub $1,000

They launch during Winter NAMM 2020 and so details are a little scant at the moment, but we do know that they will retail for under $1,000 each. Which, is great for players on a budget as they can get a Fano model for a lot less than normal.

Fano Omnis Series

Fano Omnis Series

Omnis Series

Each guitar will use Fano’s own brand pickups to help keep the costs down. This is exactly the same models as used on their popular Standard Series models and those are great. I own a Fano Standard Series SP6 and it is a great guitar, so these new budget Omnis Series could be a winner as well.

Certainly ones to check out during Winter NAMM this week, you can find them at Hall D booth #3438


UPDATE 14 January

Their latest official Instagram account post has confirmed they will be made in China.

More Information


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Fano Omnis Series sub $1000 boutique models

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One response to “NAMM 2020: New Fano Omnis Series to retail for just under $1,000”

    William Paxson says:

    Pretty soon every niche boutique guitar maker that sells a few guitars somewhere is going to have a cheap Asian knockoff line. Now as to why, I’m not quite sure but there has to be one somewhere.

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