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MOTU DP10  ·  Source: MOTU

We might have reached a plateau where everything is now version 10. Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live and Waveform are all at this solid two digit decimal. And now MOTU’s Digital Performer is joining the club. Featuring a new Clips window, Stretch Audio, workflow improvements and 100’s of instruments.

Digital Performer 10

The big thing with DP 10 is that they’ve gone all Ableton Live with the Clip window. It’s all about little clips of audio loops and MIDI loops scattered across a grid of scenes and columns where you can stack up your loops, trigger, perform and make things happen on-the-fly. It’s a whole performance side to Digital Performer that we’ve not seen before. It has some neat functionality like Clip Queue which stacks up loops to play one after another like 45’s on a record player. It looks a lot like Live although it has the scenes on the left more like Bitwig. What’s interesting is that the clips drop into a “now playing” section at the bottom of the stack. The grid really acts as a holding place, it’s only when in the queue do they proceed to playback. I really quite like that – nice one. The workflow from Project window to Clip window is also pretty smooth.

Next up is Stretch Audio which uses ZTX Pro technology to stretch the audio to fit a tempo within the Stretch Edit layer. You can also use this in the waveform editor to manual push and pull beats. This also feeds into Beat Detection for finding the tempo and groove within your loops.

DP10 has adopted a browser function that’s so on-trend at the moment making it easy to find loops and content for your projects. So does the scalable UI so you can see everything properly regardless of how dense your screen is.

VST3 support is now included along with a new 5GB library of multi-sample acoustic instruments, synths, loops and phrases of over 300 instruments, 1100 presets and 500 loops. You’ll find acoustic and electronic drum kits, pianos, guitars and basses, along with church organs, electric organs, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, ethnic instruments, choirs, voices, percussion, sound effects and more.

Lots of other internal enhancements and workflow improvements – I can’t quite get over their take on the Clip window – very smooth.

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