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Friedman Amplification tease new amp via Instagram

Friedman Amplification tease new amp via Instagram  ·  Source: Friedman/Instagram


It is the time of year when manufacturers start giving us a sneaky peep of what is to come at Winter NAMM.  Friedman Amps has entered the fray with a rather lovely little picture of a new amp for 2019.


Friedman 2019 Instagram

The amp in question isn’t officially named by Friedman anywhere in the Instagram post. However, many over on the Facebook user group are suggesting that it may be called the SoCal, based on the text attached to the image.

Friedman SoCal? 2019 Instagram 

Friedman SoCal? NAMM 2019 Instagram tease


This could mean we are about to get a BE100 style head with Atomica/Jose mods. This was a set of modifications by Cameron Amps, but all the work was actually done by Dave Friedman himself.

So are we looking at a Friedman SoCal with Atomica/Jose modifications? Or is everyone over on the Friedman Amp User Group on Facebook way off the mark?

Friedman Amplification BE-100 deluxe

Friedman Amplification BE-100 deluxe

BE-100 deluxe – confirmed!

It turns out that this is a BE-100 deluxe model – Dave himself chipped in on the Facebook group to confirm this about two minutes after I started writing this post! Now we have the name confirmed.


From Dave Friedman on Facebook-

Well has the Smallbox Plexi channel with its own eq and bright switch. BE and HBE Channels with separate gains and masters shared eq, structure switch ( to lower dirty Channels gain amount). Also, a voice switch to tailor the top end response of the amp, overall system volume and thump with frequency selection switch, presence and a 3 position response switch (variable negative feedback ). On the back, we have a loop, sat, c45, dirty fat and a clean fat switch… Think that’s all…

The amp was scheduled for a Winter NAMM release, as Dave had mentioned it during a Friedman pedal demo video late in 2018. I have put that Thomann video below for you to watch and you can hear it from Dave himself at the very end of the video.

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Friedman Amplification tease new amp via Instagram

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