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Audient Sono

Audient Sono  ·  Source: Audient/ProToolsExpert

UK company Audient has been working with leading guitar cab simulation creators two notes audio engineering on a new product. We were intrigued by a recent teaser post on social media. Now we have more details on the new product – it’s called Sono, an audio interface aimed squarely at guitarists and looks like an intriguing new way of integrating your guitar into your DAW setup.

Audient Sono

The details here are largely gleaned from Pro Tools Expert, who seem to have reliable info on the new unit. So here’s what we currently know.

The Audient Sono will be a desktop-style interface based around an input section that contains a single 12AX7 valve for an amp-like feel. Then there is a three-band tone control and – this is where it gets interesting – the two notes Torpedo power amp modelling and cab simulation. Guillaume Pille, two notes owner, says:

Audient interfaces have long been in our list of benchmark products used to try out our plugins and hardware units. Today, the whole two notes team is very excited to present what we think is the perfect interface, not only for the guitarist and bassist but also for any musician who wants to bring colour into their recordings.

Audient Sono rear panel

Audient Sono rear panel


On the I/O side, there are two  1/4″ jack/XLR  inputs that use the built-in amp, cab and mic modelling. It looks simple enough to use. They can also handle a microphone or Line level and have 48v phantom power available as well. Audient has also included an optical input via ADAT on the rear so that it can be used with external mic preamps for example or extra converters, so you could record a drum kit.

Audient Sono

Audient Sono

On paper, this new interface looks well specified. I just feel it may already have a lot of competition from companies like Line 6 and that it may be too basic for some users. But it will all come down to the sound quality and tones available from the Sono. That preamp valve will also make it a little more interesting for some users too. We’ll update you on the details if and when we get any.

UPDATE 11/01/19 – It is now live on Audient’s site and you can check out the official video below as well.

RRP – GBP 349 / USD 449

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