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SSF Bantum

SSF Bantum  ·  Source: Analogue Zone


SSF (Steady State Fate) were at the showing demonstrating a bunch of new prototype modules they have scheduled for release this year.



A semi-modular synthesizer with two main VCOs, an LFO, waveform mixer with 2 auxiliary inputs which can either be external inputs, LFO output, noise or “symmetry” which is like an offset. The VCF is a Polivoks style moving from smooth to aggressive. A 3-mode ADSR and 3-mode and 3-speed Slope. The VCA section has 3 different harmonic/overdrive modes. And they finish it all off with a delay and a built-in sample-and-hold circuit. On the right side is a comprehensive patch bay in a Mother-32 style. That’s a pretty nice and complete synth voice to fill up a rack.

SSF Bantam

SSF Bantam · Source: Analogue Zone


8 discrete VCAs with soft mutes on each channel which eliminate pops and clicks. There are individual outputs or if not connected they sum to the channel below giving you some sub-mix potential.

SSF Muton

SSF Muton · Source: Sonicstate

Zero Point VCO

It’s all about doing analogue Through-Zero modulation. Through-Zero is using negative frequencies in FM synthesis by reversing the waveform. There’s as Zero Point knob which changes the point at which the waveform starts going backwards. The result sounds a lot like Dr Who music, which is no bad thing. There are controls for selecting two waveforms and then morphing between them. As well as VCO mode and LFO mode there’s also a “lock” mode which can lock the tuning for easier use with MIDI. There are 3 types of pulse width modulation. There are a number of outputs including a sub and some complex waveform outputs.

SSF Zero Point VCO

SSF Zero Point VCO · Source: Analogue Zone


Envelope follower and voltage control comparator for gate extraction. 3 frequency modes, a smoothing control and a gain control for the envelope.

SSF Direct Rx

SSF Direct Rx · Source: Sonicstate

The Bantam should be available this year at some point. The other three are scheduled for the summer with the Zero Point VCO costing $400, the Muton $250 and the Direct Rx $179.


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SSF Bantum

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