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Vermona Modules

Vermona Modules  ·  Source: Vermona


Patch saving in Eurorack? Are you mad? Possibly. Check out these very prototype looking modules from Vermona.


Cross-Point Switch and Virtual Patch Manager

Vermona had a 16 x 16 cross-point switch which is also a patch manager. Plus a load of sound sources into the inputs and route the outputs to various processors and destinations and you can save how they are connected – genius! There are 256 analogue switches inside, make your settings and store it in one of the memories. Settings can then be changed or recalled and so re-routed by pressing a button or sending a CV trigger. What I think it means is that you can swap the routing of all your oscillators on the fly. Swap to different filters, different effects, or to sub-mixers to combine and then uncombine sounds. It’s positively brilliant!

Quad Envelope

4 channel envelope segment module with attack, hold or decay envelopes. Outputs can be re-routed back into the next channel to create very complex possibilities including oscillations. Available in spring for $350.


Prototype of a random based sequencer where you set the probability for individual notes, ranges, lengths and such like. It can also act as a quantizer. It uses a cool LED slider interface where each slider represents a musical note rather than a step. The higher you push the slider the more likely that note will sound – I like it!



A random based rhythm generator where you set the probability of the quarter, eighth, sixteenth and triplets. Push the slider up and that beat is more likely. It’s a really simple and elegant idea with a great result. Love it. Should be available any time now for $300.

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Vermona Modules

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