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Vermona randomRHYTHM

Vermona randomRHYTHM  ·  Source: Vermona


The first of the Eurorack modules to be released that Vermona presented at NAMM is the randomRHYTHM. It’s a randomised trigger sequencer and a clock divider which can produce remarkably cool drum patterns amazingly simply. Here are all the details.



I love the simplicity of this module, which is not to say it doesn’t have any depth because it most certainly does. But the essence of it is that you have 4 sliders and 4 trigger outputs. Each slider kicks out a pulse at either quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note or triplets relative to a given clock (either internal or external). Pushing the slider up increases the probability that that trigger will trigger. Patch it into 4 percussion sounds and it’s genius in its rhythmic simplicity. But look again, there are not 4 channels of rhythm, there are 8 because the module has two identical rhythm sections, with their own outputs, settings and clock.

To add some flavour and personality you have a nice fat swing knob for each rhythm section. And then there’s DICE mode which restricts the randomisation to occurring only every 4/4 or 3/4 bar so that you at least get some consistency before the pattern changes. At all time, in realtime mode or DICE mode, the sliders affect the degree and likelihood of randomisation.

Alternatively, if you push everything up to 100 then you have yourself a handy clock divider.

Musical features

Other musical features include two modes via the Reset In patch socket. In Reset Mute All mode all 4 channels get muted when it receives a voltage. In Reset Restart Dice mode it restarts the current “diced bar” so that you can momentarily stop the pattern variations. There’s a Seq Out for each section which contains the combined output of all 4 tracks but where each trigger is exclusive. By which I mean the sixteenth note will not trigger where an eighth or quarter note already exists. This is more interesting with “Offbeat” mode. Offbeat treats the individual outputs in the same way as the Seq Out and so the 4 tracks don’t trigger on top of each other.


When I saw this module at NAMM I was instantly taken by the elagently simple way it could generate rhythms. It’s a great tool for just setting things in motion or for bringing percussions lines into and out of a performance. My only concern is that it’s a bit wide and I wonder if they considered releasing a 4 channel version.

randomRHYTHM is available now for €299.

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Vermona randomRHYTHM

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