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SSF MUTON  ·  Source: SSF

MUTON, where have you been all my life? VCAs are not terribly exciting but every now and then a module that you’d probably call utility comes along and solves a number of problems in your rack. MUTON does exactly that.



For me, difficulties have emerged in how I control various sound sources in my Eurorack system in live performance. I’ve been contemplating external mixers or combining module mixers to give me the power to easily turn oscillators on and off – vital if you want to layer your sounds or bring things in and out at different times. I’ve resorted many times to pulling plugs, but they don’t give you pop-free experience and tend to clatter and buzz when reconnecting. And then there’s the old saying that you can never have enough VCAs – I’ve found that to be true, I never seem to have enough ways to bring signals together so that I can hear them through my output module. MUTON appears to be the perfect solution for bringing some badly needed order and sanity to my rack.

MUTON is an 8 channel VCA and cascading summing mixer with click-less or pop-less or sometimes called “soft” mutes. Which means when you hit the mute you don’t hear a click in the audio. With 8 channels everything can run through it and, if you want, you can use the bottom output as a mix output for all your sources. Job done. If you’re worried about level control then the CV input on each channel can provide that, or you can use it for modulation.

The MUTON is phenomenally useful and it fills only 10HP. It’s available now for $249.

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