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Bastl LOL

Bastl LOL  ·  Source: Bastl


Somewhere, lost in the realms of internet shorthand Bastl Instruments has released an unfortunately named passive mute module it’s called LOL.



Is it funny? Maybe it’s supposed to be funny? Bastl is usually a groovy bunch of cats but the naming of this module is just annoying! LOL (good grief) is a 3 channel passive mute of a module with latching pushbuttons, LED indicators and normalisation between the inputs. The 3 channels are called O, M, and G (really?) and are really fun inputs, the kind of inputs you’d love to party with until you fall over drunk (LOL).

The general idea is that you stick this in the signal chain of 3 audio signals and you can turn them on or off at the touch of a button. Very handy and only 2HP which either makes it awesome or way too fiddly. The normalisation means that if you plug something in the top you get it coming out of all three outputs, so it’s great for routing modulation about the place.


Naming decisions aside it’s a useful little thing that everyone should have for only €62.

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Bastl LOL

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