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Bastl Instruments Timber

Bastl Instruments Timber  ·  Source: Bastl Instruments


Timber is a waveshaping module from Bastl Instruments that can produce rich timbrés by adding harmonics to simple waveforms. Much like a filter, but backwards.



It has two unique wave shaping circuits. One is called Wave Driver, the other Wave Folder. They both have individual outputs and there’s a voltage controlled crossfader available to blend between the two on its own mix output. You can also use the crossfade to blend between one of the wave shapers and in the original input signal. This sort of recovers the fundamental frequency that often gets lost in the shaping.

The Shape and Symmetry controls act on both shaping circuits. Shape controls the input level before the shaping begins and can also be used as a VCA. Symmetry adds an input offset to the input signal to drive the audio or it pushes the waveform into odd or even harmonics. When modulating it can also become an attenuator producing chorus like effects. There’s also a feedback CV input to control the amount of signal fed back internal – this can make things a bit interesting.

  • Wave Driver – it’s a single folding stage overdrive circuit and controls on soft/hard clipping and high/low folding.
  • Wave folder – folds the waveform inward to multiply the frequencies. It has a control to keep it to simple folding or chaotic folding.

It’s quite a useful little module, making simple waveforms more complex and interesting. I think the blending options are pretty fabulous and it could easily make your nice clean oscillators into something more awesome.


Timber should arrive in July for €170.

More information

  • Bastl Instruments Timber webpage.


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Bastl Instruments Timber

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