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Qu Bit Synapse

Qu Bit Synapse  ·  Source: analogue zone


The Qu Bit Synapse is a crossfading switch with 8 inputs in 4 channels and 7 outputs including 3 mix outputs.



Each pair of 2 inputs goes through a crossfade circuit resulting in 4 channels with a crossfade knob. Colour changing LEDs show you which side you are listening to. Then the fun begins with the “Terminal” knob in the middle. As you turn the knob the output assignment changes – so channel 1 comes out of output 3 and then changes to another etc. It’s been specially designed to remove any pops or clicks you usually find with switching modules. Next to the knob is a “Scatter” button which sends all the channels to random outputs.

The Synapse has a Memory which can store 8 states of the current configuration. They are instantly recallable and CV controllable. An “Inertia” control adds morphing to the memory switching so they slide into each other rather than leap to the next patch.

Each crossfade has an internal LFO modulator. They are out of phase with one another so that you get these complex evolving sounds coming out.

In some ways it’s a mixer, but one in which you can mess about with the routing. It’s sort of simple and delightful and capable of producing fabulous textures from a whole load of source material.

The Synapse should be available in June for $339.

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Qu Bit Synapse

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