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Aurora Lynx Pre 1608

 ·  Source: Lynx Studio


Lynx’s Aurora line of AD/DA converters should be quite familiar to anyone in professional audio. The company is now filling a gap in its range by outfitting its latest converter – the Aurora PRE 1608 – with microphone preamps. With 8 channels of line I/O and another 8 channels of combo mic/line/Hi-Z inputs for the base model, we’re talking a bona-fide rackmount audio interface. This must be something Lynx users are really excited about!


The company designed brand new preamps for the Aurora PRE 1608 – the LM-PRE4 – designed for “transparency, imaging, and detail”. With over 20 years in the pro audio niche, Lynx certainly has the expertise to back its words. The preamp outputs are wired directly to the AD/DA converter to minimize overhead and distortion. Furthermore, the internal circuitry is fully differential and shielded from noise, while the components boast a transformerless, transparent design.

Regardless of its ample functionality, the Aurora PRE 1608 is intuitive and simple. All preamp controls are easily accessible from the front panel and information is delivered through the LCD display. Overall, the product strikes us an uncluttered and effective unit that’s surely about to fill many 1U slots through 2018.

Unfortunately, price and availability information for the new Aurora hasn’t been disclosed yet. We’re getting in touch with Lynx with hopes to learn more.

Update: Lynx got back to us with the pricing information. Thanks, Mike! The prices are as follows: USD 3,499 for the Aurora PRE 1608 USB and USD 3,899
for the Aurora PRE 1608 Thunderbolt.

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