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Line 6 HX Effects Leaked NAMM 2018

Line 6 HX Effects Leaked before NAMM 2018  ·  Source: Line 6/The Gear Page

A brand new Line 6 ‘Helix’ style effects unit has leaked and it looks pretty sweet, we don’t have any official details of course, but we have found some cool pics to share… 

Line 6 HX Effects

The rumour mill has been going crazy for weeks about a new Line 6 product launching at the NAMM Show later this week. It looks like the rumours were on the money as we now have some leaked pictures of the new Line 6 HX.

Okay, details are very scant, but we have a listing taken from Guitar Centre that says that it combines over 100 Helix effects, with 9 simultaneously.

This is a great news, as the Line 6 Helix effects are brilliant in my opinion and I can see why people would want them. I have to say that more often than not I use my Helix LT as a glorified effects multiprocessor because the quality is so good.


Of course, nothing is official yet as this is a leak, however, you can see it has the capacitive footswitches of the Helix and the LED rings around the footswitches, plus the scribble strips – basically everything you need to make this possibly one of the most versatile effects units of 2018.

It looks like there is no foot controller built in, which is a pity, but we should know a lot more by the end of this week!


It’s now official, so I have added their official demo video that overviews all the new features. Here’s a photo of the unit at NAMM 2018:

Line6 HX effects

HX Effects at the Line6 NAMM booth

RRP – USD 599.95


Line 6 HX effects leaked

Line 6 HX effects leaked



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  1. Robbert says:

    600 dollars? Hahaaaha just get a boss gt 1(00).

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