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Fender Custom Shop's Yuri Shiskov's Pinball Telecaster

Fender Custom Shop's Yuri Shiskov's Pinball Telecaster  ·  Source: Fender/Musicradar


The Fender Custom Shop will be showing off the  Yuri Shiskov’s Pinball Telecaster and matching Wizard amplifier built by Fender’s custom amp expert Jim Dolmage, these two items pay homage to The Who’s Tommy.


Pinball Telecaster

Okay, it isn’t exactly subtle and though a homage to The Who’s classic Tommy album, it is completely unofficial and in my opinion ‘ugly as sin’. However, it just proves that the Fender Custom Shop can build just about anything your heart desires, even if it is odd looking!

Bally Pin Ball Machine

Based on an original 40-year old Bally pinball machine and utilising LED lights, movable flippers and even a spring-loaded ball shooter, it has all the parts to make you think Pinball!


A Fender Custom Shop Nocaster neck pickup (there is no bridge pickup) and a chromed pinball volume knob and chrome wraparound bridge provide all the hardware for this ‘unique’ Telecaster.

Wizard Amp

The matching Wizard amp is made entirely from wood and bits of metal recycled from the pinball machine as well. Based around a  ’57 Custom Pro-Amp and powered by a single 15-inch Eminence speaker, I’d imagine it will sound pretty ‘mean’, but not sure if it can play pinball…?

The two come as a matched pair and you would have to stump up some serious cash to own the pair, but it is not really about that, it is more about what Fender’s Custom Shop can build.

RRP – USD 80000


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Fender Custom Shop's Yuri Shiskov's Pinball Telecaster

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