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Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster

Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster  ·  Source: Fender


Created by Master Builder Dennis Galuszka, Fender’s new Custom Shop LE Terry Kath Telecaster is limited to just 50 models worldwide. It is a recreation of the Chicago guitarist’s heavily-customised original, down to the very last detail.


Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster

The original Terry Kath Telecaster is a heavily customised instrument, and the Fender Custom Shop has endeavoured to recreate each modification that it underwent. It is based on an original ‘52 Tele ash body in aged vintage white with a lacquer finish, and a custom ‘67 Tele maple neck with 21 frets and a vintage 7.25” fretboard radius. Fender’s Master Builder Dennis Galuszka has done a pretty great job of recreating all the idiosyncrasies of the original instrument. This includes the stickers, as well as some very specific mods, to imitate the real thing as closely as possible. Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath's heavily customized 1966 Telecaster

Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath’s heavily customised 1966 Telecaster

Customised to the Max!

You get the Fender Synchronized Stratocaster trem with a sawed-off Telecaster bridge plate, and the Telecaster bridge pickup and the humbucker in the neck. The pickups are wired with custom routing and have the reverse control plate. There’s also gaffer tape on the rear of the body, applied on the original to conceal the routing that the guitar had received. Other mods include a set of custom tuning machines and three “wing” string trees.

Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster

Includes all the mods done on the original

Limited Run

With only 50 of these Custom Shop recreations available worldwide, they are certainly aimed at collectors. Which is ok, as it is a very specific instrument, and probably not for everyone. Plus, with a price tag of USD 20k each, they aren’t exactly cheap. So I doubt you’ll see the average player looking to grab one.

You can hear the guitar and its full back story in the official Fender Custom Shop Video below.

RRP – USD 20000

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Fender Custom Shop Terry Kath Telecaster Video


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