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Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster collection 2018

Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster collection 2018  ·  Source: PMT/Fender


 Apparently, it is the 60th Anniversary of the Fender Jazzmaster, so they are releasing some cool new colours that should finally satisfy all us offset fans that have been dying for some new choices for years. Luckily a certain UK Fender dealership has already released the new models for 2018!


Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster

Six new models are coming up. Four of them with Block Inlays, Matching Headstock and at last some decent the paint jobs. Fiesta Red, Vintage Blonde, Daphne Blue and Black. These are really delicious colours, especially with the coloured headstock.

RRP – GBP 1069



Furthermore, Fender still has a JM in Daphne Blue with three toaster humbuckers.   RRP – GBP 1779

Currently, there is only the vague information from the dealer in the UK. Fender will probably let us know later today about this one.

The sixth model is a Jazzmaster in 2-tone sunburst. RRP – GBP 1919

We will update with full details once they become available, hopefully later today

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