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Suhr A.C.E. and Eclipse pedals

Suhr A.C.E. and Eclipse pedals  ·  Source:

Suhr has just released two new analogue stomp boxes to add to their growing list of effects pedals. The A.C.E is an analogue cabinet emulation pedal, but perhaps more interesting is the Eclipse, a dual channel overdrive/distortion unit.


Being no strangers to overdrive and distortion pedals, it is nice to see Suhr combine two channels into one unit. I wonder if it will have Analogman KOTv4 users worried?

This new pedal looks super-simple, with two identical channels, labelled Blue and Red. Both have a three-band EQ on mini knobs, then a Gain and Level control on larger ones. The two footswitches that engage each channel separately.

The last mini knob in the centre is labelled Voice, and lets you add more highs to the master output. The idea is that the Eclipse can adapt to fit in with different guitar amps, turning a single-channel amp into a three-channel one.

I have a feeling this may be a popular pedal and could dent the sales of a certain boutique overdrive manufacturer…

RRP $249

Suhr Eclipse



Suhr has been knocking out great pedals for a few years now, so I was happy to see them attempt a new cab simulator, as I find their pedals to be well made, and own a fair few myself.

The A.C.E stands for Analogue Cabinet Emulation. The idea is you can take a line out from the A.C.E and feed it into a mixer front of house or straight into your DAW. Apparently, the pedal is based on a Celestion Greenback speaker, which is, of course, a very popular model.

At first glance, this unit looks well laid out, with four control knobs and three mini-switches. The tone controls offer basic tone shaping in the form of Input, Subs, Highs and Presence knobs, so it should be easy to dial in decent sounds. The A.C.E. uses internal 18V voltage for more headroom and is totally analogue throughout, so there’s no DSP hidden in there, messing with your tone. There’s also a ground-lift switch and provision for XLR and jack output formats.

The official Suhr demo video with Pete Thorn below gives a good overview of what this pedal is all about.

RRP $299

Suhr A.C.E.

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